Live Content Matters... Insert it!


Easy & safely insert LIVE content directly into your Blog, Web or E-commerce site.™ is a complementary service to our platform, which powers a growing network of communities, where it is easy to Discover, Share and Organize things you care and love.

Service is currently in active development and we call current stage as 'early stage prototype', 'pre-alpha' and so on. Just so you know :D

Use Cases

Some wonderful use cases for

  • Do you have your own projects on Github (or other developers projects you care & love)? If so, you also want to insert nice review of each project with statistics (watchs / forks counts etc) into your blog or company products page? It's now possible with!
  • Let's say you have the page on your blog or company site, where you want to insert many different, but some way related things together? Say some tweets from Twitter, some projects from Github, some videos from Youtube, some posts from Facebook, some music from SoundCloud... The old way to do that before was to go to each service, found corresponding "Embed" button (if it ever exists!) and insert different HTML / JS for each of them into your page! Now it's more easy than ever: just insert Links (Urls) to content you want to embed one by one into input box, and collect generated HTML. You only need to insert single block of JavaScript on your page and no matter how many embeds you have they ALL will be rendered on your page for every visitor! Next time you want to insert something new, you just go again to, enter your Url and copy / past generated HTML to the place where you want preview to appear and so on.
  • Want to do even more with your favorite content? In a more automatic way, with more control and more features? No problem, we cover that too. Request invite now to, the platform which powers this and other amazing sites!

Our Widgets

Today you may Embed eBay auctions, Github repositories, jsFiddle code samples and even Hacker News posts using our own Widgets.

You can also Embed almost any other content using more than 250 providers available via services.

Feel free to get more information about Widgets and be ready to make your own in the future!